Bumper Stickers

Consider bumper stickers as a cost effective and fast way to get your message out.

At Kramer & Associates, we make a full line of bumper stickers, including all the standard sizes and assorted shapes. And we make those oval “international” stickers, too!

One, two or more colors are available on white or bright yellow vinyl. We also offer full color printing for bumper stickers.

Other related products include clear bumper stickers, static cling stickers, magnetic bumper strips, and our new line of back-lit LED window decals.

To get even more out of your bumper stickers, we can even print a special message or fundraising pitch on the back of the bumper sticker’s liner.

Another great option for mass marketing campaigns is our mailable postcard bumper sticker. Perfect for a political campaign or local business promotion.

Our vinyl bumper stickers are easily removable, so don’t worry about the stubborn stickers of yesteryear.  Ask for a sample!

Contact us today for a free quote, or to discuss your many options!

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