Contribution Envelopes

Need an effective and convenient way to increase contributions to your effort?

Known by various names – “contribution envelopes,” “remittance envelopes.” or “collection envelopes”.  We simply call them “remits”.

And at  Kramer & Associates – we’re the “remit envelope” experts.

Let us design for you an envelope that makes it easy for your contributors to support your campaign or cause. In addition to contribution options, we can design it to include volunteer opportunities and other useful information.

We will include the official U.S. Postal Service routing “bar code” to enable speedy delivery of contributions to your location.  We will also design your envelope to include credit card contribution options, a scanable quick response “QR” code and more in order to make your envelope a valuable outreach tool for contributions and volunteers.

A variety of attractive, colored envelopes and colored inks are available to make your message stand out in a fundraising solicitation. We’ll create a standard sized envelope or a larger size to suit your needs

At Kramer & Associates, the cost of basic design is free when placing a printing order.

Contact us to get your design underway!

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