Kramer & Associates employs many strategies to limit our impact on our environment. Here are some of the methods we use to make our business, and printing in general, more sustainable.

  • Recycled paper. Virtually 100% of our paper purchases contains recycled-content and we offer 100% recycled options.
  • Waste recycling. We recycle every scrap of waste paper. Waste wood, pallets, beverage containers, cardboard, packaging and plastic are all regularly recycled. Any “trash” goes to our local “waste-to-energy” plant for processing. Even button parts go to metal recycling.
  • We regularly purchase paper from businesses and other printers who are going out of business, utilizing it to provide printing to clients at reduced rates, and keeping it out of the waste stream.
  • We use soy-based and other vegetable-based inks and environmentally-friendly toners.
  • We use chemicals and solvents that are water soluble and bio-degradable, and recyclable.
  • In 2015, we will install a solar array on our Saint Paul facility, which will supply 100% of our electrical needs at that location, and provide excess power to the grid.
  • Delivery of your printed products is done in our hybrid vehicle.

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